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A final little digestif to cap a great season

April 20, 2013

Jez and his friends who stayed with us back in January put this great video together. It’s really cool – everyone just looking so good with big smiles on their faces!

Click on the link – it says everything about what we’re about at Chalet Margaritka:

Skiing, fun, people, fun, good snow, people, great conditions, skiing and skiing = good times!! Look out for the guest appearance or appearances by the Tsar of Wales (Alex) for those of you who know him – you just can’t keep him out of the action.

Cheers Jez and gang it really was an excellent weekend. Look forward to seeing you next year!


Such a fine final weekend of a great season

April 6, 2013

The Brennans, Ian and Felicity came back for their second visit of the season, at Easter. They were joined by Bob and Sarah Pearce and their University sons Tom (hope your flu is better), the elder and Sam. Good fun was had by one and all – the vinyl came out again on the Saturday evening and on Easter Sunday The Tsar (Alex) held court with his Wii games before and after dinner. No-one could believe how good he was at 100 pin bowling!!

Ian, of course, dined out on the fact I fell over twice in the Off-piste infront of him (see pics below). He would have none of it that I was under the influence having forced me to drink a bucketful of Genepi at lunch, not to mention the vat of Wine. Look forward to seeing you next year guys!

Just to end the season one of the best articles on skiing that I have read in a while: