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January 2014 – The snow came just in time!

January 26, 2014

Mid January and we were joined by many old friends. Paul Keech and the boys who just love to ski (and watch a bit of football, of course). Plus, Nicky and Tim and friends Helen/ Mark. Nicky celebrated an important birthday so a few bottles of champagne were enjoyed.

And, just for Nicky’s birthday it snowed just before they arrived. This was good because the slopes really needed it!

All had a good weekend especially since everyone had met in the chalet before.


New Year 2014 and a new craze is sweeping The Alps!!

January 4, 2014

Team Brennan arrived once more for a joyous NY. Somehow Team Leader Ian got into conversation with Harry the most experienced chalet boy in the Alps. Harry has kindly agreed to work with us this year – it is an honour and a privelege to have someone with so many contacts and knowledge of the valley join us for the season! Harry, is also the founder and chief PR officer for the phenomenal new craze sweeping the Alps this Winter – ‘All Terrain Skiing’. Please check it out via the link below:

Ian was hooked as you can see in a couple of pictures below. For more information please contact Harry (Mark Harrison) –