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The Portes du Soleil in all it’s glory!!

January 27, 2017

Great video created by one of our guests (Lionel Stride) which captures the magnificence of the PDS – it’s natural charm and beauty and how spectacular the mountains can be. We all had a fun, fab weekend and covered an amazing amount of territory – the views and weather in Switzerland in the mornings was just superb. First visit of the season to the Café des Sports in Morgins too, which is just like visiting a good old friend:))

Lionel, thankyou for giving my old skiing knees a good workout. We’d love to see Mel with you next year!!


The Snow was late but conditions are now FAB!!!

January 21, 2017

It has been a slow start to this season but our guests have still managed to enjoy themselves. Yes, the snow was late this year but now conditions are wonderful on non crowded slopes and under butiful, blue skies. More snow fell last w/e than I’ve seen in Morzine for a long time – alas, on the Saturday I was off to the airport:((- Some people claimed they were skiing in powder up to their necks!!

True, it has been a tad cold since but this has helped to preserve the snow that has now fallen and keep the pistes in pristine conditions. A few times this last week we have found some remnants of excellent powder in the off-piste too:)))- Obviously, you need to have a host who knows where he’s going and where the little secrets maybe, tee-hee.

Here are some views from the chalet, Bod and his demon boys (first to be given the red card for antics for a long time!! But, they knew some fun games to play), the irrepressible Lionel (so fit and followed us everywhere) and our regular off-piste twins Nikki and Tim (with Rita)…….