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Spring has sprung in the Alps!

March 23, 2015

March has seen many guests coming and going from the chalet. Family, friends and one or two new guests have enjoyed skiing in warm sunshine and under deep blue skies. Some such as Alison, Mike and Lesley were on their second visit of the Winter – Thankyou!


The Return of the Wings………

March 4, 2015

After a month of new guests the last few days of February saw the Wings return – David and Elaine and their three enthusiastic children – Ryan, Nathan and Melissa. They were accompanied by Stewart (Elaine’s brother) and Liz (who hurt herself last time so needed to be a bit careful). It was Stewart’s second visit of the season and umpteenth visit over the last few years. We must do something right!!

They were confronted by all seasons and types of conditions across their five day stay – snow, dense mist, cloud, heavy rain and warm Spring sunshine. Indeed, the first day of Spring didn’t quite fall on March 1st but on the morning of March 3rd we were greeted by the first really warm rays this year in the village.

The pics, of course, tell the story: