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The sun kept shining but the snow held butifully!!

March 27, 2016

Must have been the best March snow conditions for years!! Lots of snow after the early falls in March (even down to the lake, Geneva that is) and lots of butiful sunshine. The good thing was the temps never got into the high teens so Spring skiing conditions remained fab – no heavy afternoon slush this year!

We were joined for the second time this season by Alan & Dave (of the ‘Lawless Boys’ fame) and this time they brought their charming wives Sue & Pat. A lot of territory was covered and despite some early nerves ‘The Boys’ were able to ski all day with their Wives (apparently a first for a long time) – see we do look after our guests and cherish their needs!! The first day we were able to cruise perfectly pisted, different blues – all day (my memory was tested a bit) in the Morzine/ Les Gets area, in lovely sunshine, stop for a nice lunch at ‘La Cornette’ on the Nyon Plateau and meet up with our other guests for a drink or two at the end of the day.

Judy Scott Langley and her fellow medical professionals (most of whom were inexperienced skiers) were well looked after by Rita and Judy did manage to do that Black run in the end!! They were also well entertained by Dave and his fantastic poetry recitals after dinner, enjoyed England winning the Grand Slam (well those who didn’t adjourn to the bars of Morzine, where they had a lot of fun returning to some of the haunts first sampled on St. Patrick’s night) and one night we even got the vinyl out (for the first time this Winter) but think the medical girls had left by this point. A few glasses of Whisky were drunk that night so my memory is a bit hazy.

Finally, over Easter Belinda and her very plucky daughter Amy came to the chalet for the first time. Both extremely capable skiers but alas we never made it to Morgins cos Amy had a dreadful cold but she did keep skiing into the afternoon. Hence the plucky tag:))

We think everyone had a good time and we’d love to see you again. Here are the pics:

This is likely to be the last post of the season so thanks to all of our guests this Winter. As usual we’ve had a marvelous time looking after you – hosting, cooking, guiding, transferring, taxiing, etc. We hope you’ve all enjoyed your time with us and the Chalet Margaritka personalised ski experience and obviously we’d love to see you all again!!


After the early March snow comes the beautiful Spring sunshine!!

March 25, 2016

All who came in March just had the most fabulous conditions and weather. After lots of snow even into the village in early March, spring sprang and all our guests enjoyed great skiing in butiful sunshine:))

Once more we had a good combination of guests who have become friends and new guests who settled wonderfully into the laid back comfort, ambience and views of the chalet. Andrew Gilchrist “I guess you take that view for granted now but it is just fantastic. I’d die to wakeup to that every morning”. Andrew and his friend Stewart just toured the whole of the PDS circuit on their boards and in the evening helped to entertain our regular guests The Brennans, Val, Cath & Alison.

Watching the England v Wales rugby match was more than a tad difficult with a chalet full of England rugby fans. On the bright side since the weather was so good we obviously had to do the tour to Morgins (twice – going different ways around) among other things. Here are the pics:




WOW!! Never known it like this in March

March 7, 2016

Many old friends visited us in early March and they were rewarded with some of the best snow conditions at that time of year for years. Cold air came in during early March and hung around for well over a week. This meant it was like the old days, snow at night and early morning with the sun then coming out to warm things up nicely. It did this consistently during the first week of March and beyond. A perfect recipe for great powder skiing and good times. Nicki, Tim, Helen and Mark plus Alison’s Angels all had a ball.

Now for the pics: