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What do Skiers and Snowboarders do in the Summer

July 15, 2010

col du Galibier & Ducati

col du Galibier, June 2010

The British Alpine Ski School (BASS) has just published it’s latest Summer 2010 Newsletter. Please find an extract with a link to BASS TV. It’s worth a view with tips on how to improve your ski performance. 


Snowsports enthusiasts are active, energetic people. The BASS Summer e-newsletter is full of activities that we can all enjoy, while developing our snowsports performance, in preparation for next winter.

There are beautiful videos for you to enjoy, to remind you of your past adventures in the mountains and inspire you for the future.

Plus of course, watching great ski videos, plus using the BASS mp4 video training programme “Ski Performance Breakthrough” can improve your understanding and coordination through the Summer, as your mind and body use this information to restructure and rehearse your performance.

The BASS Network in conjunction with Chalet Margaritka wishes you an active and enjoyable Summer. To see the full newsletter please contact them directly at:


Make your Ski Performance Breakthrough

March 5, 2010
BASS Advantages headerWhen you see someone skiing smoothly, freely and simply, even in complex circumstances, you know that they have tuned into something special.
Great skiers literally have the freedom to create the solutions as they go along.

They earn that freedom by developing accuracy and skill with the key elements of skiing and by blending those elements into a sophisticated, coordinated whole, that fits into their environment.

Want to know more contact and I’ll put you in touch with BASS Morzine, or contact them directly: 

Also, check out the videos on BASS TV:


Ski Performance Breakthrough

February 14, 2010
Check out the great new e-Book by Hugh Monney……
The science of skiing and the secret art of performance.                      

173 pages, presenting the greatest secrets of ski performance in clear, simple language.
156 photographs, illustrating great skiers in action and highlighting the principles discussed.
22 illustrations, clarifying even the most subtle secrets.

The information in this book is presented clearly for experts and intermediate skiers alike.

“In this book, I share with you the greatest secrets of skiing and show you
how to use them for yourself.”
Hugh Monney, Trainer, British Association of Snowsports Instructors,  Director of the BASS Network
“…beautifully simple, effective and motivating.” 
Sean Langmuir,Training Manager, British Association of Snowsports Instructors

“… filled with very direct, specific and well organised content.
 It has a clarity and value that is second to none.”
James Lamb, Director, BASS Morzine; Trainer, British Association of Snowsports Instructors

“….a detailed natural progression. A great job, well done.”
Andrew Lockerbie, Chairman, British Association of Snowsports Instructors
“I love the stuff on “pressure”. It really helps to clearly explain this area,
which is often the source of much confusion for good skiers and instructors alike …..very much appreciate your writing skills and knowledge.”
Derek Tate, Director, BASS Chamonix; Trainer, British Association of Snowsports Instructors

If you wish to get a copy please send an email to me; or contact Hugh, BASI or BASS directly.