Discovering Bulgaria and the Black Sea » Sunny Beach – at the end of the day

The sky, the sea, the sand – No that’s the moon not the sun above the Parasols

This time of the day is about the only time Sunny Beach goes quiet. Later, the promenade which stretches along the entire beach front (all 8 Kms or more) lights up with thriving bars/ clubs, great restaurants and typical beach front entertainments from Bungy jumping, 3D cinemas to the old classics such as ‘Kentucky Derby’ and giant water pistols which push cartoon characters up into the air. My first impression was Rita had brought me to Benidorm by the Black Sea but Sunny Beach has much more to offer than that – a mixture of traditional Turkish, Bulgarian and ‘Young’ culture. There’s lots for the kids and young people to do from all night, night clubs to huge Waterparks. If you don’t like bright lights and oonze/ oonze it maybe not for you but there are quieter villages either side of Nesserbar and Nessebar itself. The airport of Burgas is less than half an hour a way – another plus. Whilst the climate is beautifully hot during the day with a breeze usually blowing off the Black Sea, it’s not as warm as the Med at night. Excellent – be sure to bring your anti Mosi repellants with you though. Prices are all extremely reasonable!


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