Another season begins at Chalet Margaritka!! » Mark and the boys returned!!

Mark and the boys at the chalet

Mark Marsh and his friends (including his brother) who first visited in January 2010 came back to Chalet Margaritka the last weekend of January 2011. One of the twins and the policeman remained at home to be replaced by a really good skier (hooray!) and a taxi driver who seemed to like to steal/ eat pizza late at night. Loud – yes; well behaved – certainly; only one of the new boys managed to get lost!! ”He’ll find his way back to the chalet” they said. ”He’s a taxi driver!! They were all very disappointed following their annual night out in Morzine they still couldn’t find any Rarebit – The Welsh Variety, of course!
You’re still welcome back next year guys.


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