Enjoyed it so much we had to return – Bulgaria! » A family fish suppper – simply perfect

Just reach out and touch the sea

This restaurant (Andromeda) is built into the rock, overlooking the sea at Nessebar. It’s just simply fantastic – location, views, food especially fish from the Black Sea. Built on 5 levels, cut into the rock all the way down to the sea. You can enter the restaurant from the old town itself or the coastal road – just need to decide whether you want to climb down or upwards! It’s a wonderful place to enjoy a relaxing, family gathering watching the sun go down and listening to the waves crash against the rocks below. A meal for 6 with wine (lots of) and drinks costs less than £20 per head. Nessebar is full of spectacular restaurants like this. Be careful on Friday, Saturday, Sunday if you go too late you may struggle to get a table because local Bulgarians and Romanians descend on the old town for the weekend.


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