Enjoyed it so much we had to return – Bulgaria! » Sam joins the Hughes/ Cattigan clan for dinner

The United Nations – French, Welsh, Russians, Scots and English

The beauty of St. Vlas’s location just half an hour from Burgas airport is that someone can fly in and easily join us for dinner. This is exactly what happened when Sam Page flew in for a splendid week with us. Sam added to the mix of cultures around the dinner table being English; since he lives with his mother (Glyn’s ex wife) in Pinner, North West London.
We were actually stopped by a restaurant street salesman (hassler) who very much wanted us to use his establishment in Sunny Beach one evening. ”Where are you from” he said. ”Well, we’re from Wales, she’s from Russia, those two are Scottish, he’s from England and the little fella (Tsar) is French” came the reply. To say he was confused was an understatement. All he could manage as a response was ”he can’t be French” as he looked at Alex with his shiny, sun enhanced blonde hair. To which Alex started speaking to him in fluent French saying what do you mean I’m not French!! At this point he gave up and we moved on. He saw us again a few days later but didn’t trouble us this time.


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