Never turn down an opportunity!

April 29, 2012

In late April I was invited to attend a Global conference in San Francisco. Ski season hadn’t finished but I just had to go. SFC is a great city, completely unlike New York – much more laid back and almost, European like. Infact when we were on the boat trip (see below) it reminded me of Istanbul; built on many hills connected by dramatic suspension bridges. One thing most people don’t know is an eerie fog rolls in off the Pacific each day to shroud the city in mist – also causes the temperature to drop 10 degrees so it becomes very un-mediterranean like. Bear this in mind if you’ve not been and you get a chance to go there. We visited Google (office is like a university campus – eveything feels like a laid back, place of learning), Facebook and Yahoo amongst others.

We also went on a boat trip around the Bay area one evening, luckily no fog that day. Here’s a snapshot of the best pics:


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