The snow just kept on falling which gave great conditions!

February 24, 2013

More familiar faces came back in February. This included ‘The Girls’- Alison, Yvette and Angela who were exceptional value last year and who really appreciate our efforts to make everyone feel ‘home from home’ at the chalet. They like to make sure ‘Monsieur’ (chalet host) does not get away with too much as well! They were joined by new people like Helen and Luke – fit as fiddles and they most certainly liked to ski. I might have overdone it a touch with them on the first morning though – hope not?

Paul Boreham, a regular visitor came back for a second time this season – he must like us!! This time he brought his two daughters with him to entertain the Tsar (Alex). And, Sue and her son James visited the chalet for the first time – no doubt the Tsar had a ball over half-term.

I’ve also added a few pictures from my own travels well ‘off the beaten track’ – skiing in a place called Volen about 50 kms north of Moscow!!


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