Spring comes to the Alps – Deep Azure skies and warm sunshine

March 24, 2013

The first weekend of March saw warm sunshine hit the Alps for the first time this season. It also signalled new guests arriving at the chalet. There were the lovely girls from Jersey. One, of whom was a very charming Welsh lady, Carol who originated from Carmarthenshire. It was a long time since I’d ski’d with a fellow Welsh person. I think we all had great fun – hope you enjoyed your little sojourn at our chalet, ladies.

There were also two groups of Barristers (one from around London and one from around Leeds), the Jelletts and the Guppys. The vinyl came out for the first time for a few weeks – it was good to show our offspring some of the tunes we grew up with. I think or hope Stephen and Jonathan really enjoyed the experience. By the way, as I write this it is about -20C in Moscow and a blizzard is blowing outside – yep you’re right it’s March 25th (and I think, its cold all over Northern Europe but I’m not totally sure)!

Once again we had many repeat guests this month as well, some who were visiting for the second time this season!! Dave Henderson and his daughters, Nicky and Tim, Mark and Helen plus Stewart and Liz (hope the leg is feeling better – Liz). We always like it when this happens, it’s like skiing with old friends – nothing better! Please find some pictures below of our experiences:


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