The Legal Eagles return and bring the best conditions of the Winter (so far!)

February 9, 2014

Jez and his gang of legal colleagues returned to the chalet in Feb. Heavy snow meant conditions were great with lots trying a bit of powder, off piste and/ or through the trees skiing. (Scotty had a particularly interesting experience when we ventured into the trees one afternoon!) It was generally an eventful weekend with the chalet completely full and everyone having a good time, we think!

The whole team decided to go out on the Saturday evening and had a great meal/ time in L’Etale in the centre of Morzine. We, of course, invested in some fine house wine for the group as part of the deal. Later some were seen to be enjoying themselves in the Tibetan cafe, not far from the RR – always a great atmosphere. Of course, there were a few sore heads the next day which was a shame because the heaven’s had opened and some butiful ‘poudreuse’ was on offer!

We look forward to the video for a bit of an end of season digestif once more!!


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