New Year 2016 – A fun start to a new season!!

January 2, 2016

There may have been a lack of snow but this didn’t dampen the hearts of the Dingwalls (inc. Olly), Horners and Sarah. They made the best of the conditions and achieved considerable progress on both skis and boards.

It’s a while since we’ve run a full week at New Year. And, there’s no doubt we must do it more often!! Everyone had a good time and now we’ve been introduced to the cardboard box game. A quaint little affair where you have to pick the box up with your teeth off the floor (no hands allowed – to help or support your weight). As it gets smaller and smaller, (each time you are successful – you rip a piece off) it just gets harder and harder! Don’t think anyone has had so much fun for NY’s Eve with just a simple, cardboard box. Luckily, no injuries either!! Although, one or two of the older gentlemen were coplaning of sore hamstrings the next day!!

Here are some pics of the fun they had:





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