The first weekend in February is always eventful!!

February 13, 2016

Lots of fresh snow and the return of the Lawless Boys meant all were bound to have a great time. Then Ian Brennan, alias ‘The Chef’ arrived plus his smooth Bushmills Irish whisky and everyone just became friends in an instant – The ‘Lawless Boys’, new guests The ‘Keenans plus Alastair’ (who introduced us all to the wonders of Tinder – Google it pls) and ‘Chef’. We knew there was a good reason why we run a highly personalised, weekend ski lodge!

Of course, if the Chef is around a trip to the famous Café des Sports, Morgins is in order – think he was a bit shocked he had to do the PDS circuit on his first day though!! As were the ‘Lawless Boys’ when I lead them down some tricky off piste (windblown & sticky). The sensible ones went straight to the traditional Swiss Buvette below us via the piste. There, we met two girls who were completely lost! We assisted, of course but did wonder if they’d turn up in the Café des Sports a bit later, looking for some further help. They did not so we all hoped they were ok – and just enjoyed the food which was XL as always.

Alex ‘the Tsar’ was glad to have Ian B around – he’s his Wii bowling bitch and allowed him to recover some pride after shock defeats in January. We even managed a fantastic poem from Dave Carr on ‘living in France’. Only just though – most were eating their tea & cakes before departure. I’m sure we’ll sample some more when he’s back in March:)))

Here’s the customary pics:


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