Easter was late but there’s always a last Hurrah!!!

April 16, 2017

We were all a bit worried that with Easter so late and snow a bit short on the ground this Winter, would our final guests be able to ski much at all? But, we should never have worried – the ‘Portes du Soleil’ and especially Avoriaz never let’s us down!!!!

Louise who had already visited us once this Winter came back with hubby Steve and their charming, young daughter Zoe who was quite an accomplished skier. Having ski’d just around Avoriaz on their first day. I was still able to show them the route to Switzerland (Les Crosets) under warm, deep blue skies and virtually empty pistes on the second day. And then all around Chatel Linga on really good snow, on the third – with temperatures having cooled a tad. In between we were also able to find an adventurous bit of off piste or two, in fine Spring conditions – the ridge above and parallel to Arare with great views down the valley to Morzine and beyond, the run that runs parallel to the Brochaux chair near the Cascade to Brochaux (Abricotine Valley), plus the bowl/ area at the top of the Abricotine Valley near the drag lift that connects with Switzerland (Grande Conche run). Infact, in parts the off piste was in better condition than the piste (so long as you could navigate in and around the protruding rocks) !!! Although challenged, I think people enjoyed themselves and it gave a better flavour to lunch or kick to the ‘Apres Ski’ drinks. It also still left the ‘Coupe du Monde’ and the skiing in the ‘Fornet’ bowl to be done on their remaining couple of days!

Thanks to all our guests for another great season and for allowing us to use their images/ pics on this blog – hope you’ve all enjoyed. Here are the final ones of the Winter 16/17 season:







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