”Walking on the Moon”

February 16, 2010

The police visited Chalet Margaritka in early February. They weren’t interested in exploring some of the PDS hidden secrets (Backs & Blacks) but hat’s off; Ian and Felicity showed real guts, hanging in there on a tour of the circuit in flat light and increasing snow storms. Ian said ”I only came for the exquisite lunch you promised in a traditional Swiss Buvette (in the picture postcard alpine village of Morgins)”. Every guide has a bad day and gets his timings slightly out. They did get a Pannini and a demi at a cafe at the foot of the Super Chatel Gondola. What more could they ask for!!

Ian has one of the most balanced skiing postures you could wish for given he’s only been skiing for a few years. My only defence ”He just needs to turn on the gas a bit more”. 

I’ve promised next time lunch at the wonderful, Cafe Des Sports in Morgins is on me!!


One comment

  1. Alright, alright I will get fitter!!

    We are definately up for a re-match on the PDS circuit, providing lunch is still on? and did I read that you will be paying?

    Very kind words about posture, hopefully I can match that with a turn of speed when we return.

    Enjoy the rest of the season, see you next year. Kind regards, Ian & Fliss.

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