Skiing on TOP of the WORLD

March 2, 2010

Bob and the Boys (Alan & John) visited Chalet Margaritka in early February (the snow was fantastic) and proceeded to ski all over the ‘Portes Du Soleil’ with great aplomb. Grand Paradis, Chamossiere, Super Chatel, Morgins, the ‘world was their oyster’. But these shots taken from the ‘Point de Nyon’, high above Morzine possibly emphasise what skiing is all about and why we love it so much! We felt like we were on ‘Top of the World’ and for those Steve Miller aficionados out there the boys said ”it was like being able to Fly like an Eagle’. What do you mean; whose Steve Miller? Soon after we were soaring high above the clouds as we ski’d some of the trails in between the piste as it winds its way down into Nyon. 

That evening the adventures and views of the day were discussed around the log fire in the chalet, enjoying a tipple or two and sampling the sounds of ‘Steve Miller’ amongst others in Glyn’s retro vinyl collection. A perfect day in the Alps!! 

I know, I know but it is a magnificent shot and deserves to be seen by all.


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