They came, they saw, they conquered!!

March 5, 2010

We picked Mark and his team up at Geneva airport. To say that we were a little surprised they were all 40+ boarders was an understatement. It didn’t help that our short wheel based Trafic; meant fitting all the modern, wheely bags (for boards)  in plus their goodselves was a trifle tricky but we managed somehow! Who invented those bloody wheely bags?

They demanded powder but what they got was steep, bumpy, variables. A speciality served up often in the ‘Portes Du Soleil’ and not for the feint hearted, especially if you are on a board. But these guys were definately ‘gung ho’ and new how to use their snowboards in the off-piste. We dropped off the side of Rosa and Ranfoilly in Les Gets. Howard and Keith took one look at the steep, undulating terrain and thought better of it but then group psychology and peer pressure took over – in they went. ”The next bit through the trees is quite tricky, let me go and have a look first” caused much mirth given we were already two thirds of the way down some, very variable terrain.

They also weren’t too impressed when someone suggested a drag needed to be taken to avoid the boarder’s private nightmare – long, flat terrain. ”Get a piste map” was the cry when it became obvious the draglift venture (boarder’s second nightmare) had been totally unnecessary. My only defence it’s not always easy to work out what’s good for a boarder when you are a skier.

The next day some took themselves off to explore the board park in Avoriaz. However, the hard core remained in search of  what the French call ‘La Poudreuse’. High above Lindarets, to the left of the ‘Chaux Fleurie’ chair as you descend from Chatel Linga paradise was found for Mark, Mark and Howard as they cut some big, beautiful curves in soft, still fresh snow.

There was a small incident with a tree which we wont dwell on. Will we, Howard? And some interesting navigation was needed around a stream as we re-entered civilisation close to the Lindarets lifts. But it was all worth it for those few metres of the ‘White stuff’!!

See you next year guys. (I hope!)


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