GROUP psychology at it’s best!!

March 9, 2010

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In late January, John and his group from all over Europe arrived at the Chalet on the pretext that it was his 40th birthday. Turned out this was actually over a month away. Any excuse to have a good time and a few drinks. 

What can you say? It was literally, a memorable weekend littered with firsts. The guys were the first to go into Morzine for the evening, the first to lose the taxi numbers they had been given and proceeded to be the first to have to walk back to the chalet from ‘Le Paradis’ nightclub (near the Mairie for those who know Morzine). It appeared the next morning that they were also the first to lose one of their number. One went missing in action but sightings (or lack of them to be precise of macho Italians rather than talkative Geordies ) were difficult to confirm since most found arising from their slumbers a tad difficult to achieve. We couldn’t understand why – it only took them over an hour to make it to the chalet on foot (via various GPS consultations on their I-phone) at 4 or 5, in the morning!

Oh what perfect turns; Must have been a good teacher!

However, the rewards for the brave were awesome. Look at these turns amongst the more novice skiers, after expert guidance via Glyn!!  Colin, Paul, Paul and Leigh’s skiing all developed immeasurably during their brief time at the chalet.  All were skiing beautiful parallel turns by the end of their weekend, (well on the gentler blues, definitely!! Another first!!). Let’s not dwell on Martin’s experience who was the first to throw in the towel after a mere 15 minutes on snow, and then became the first to fly home early. One consolation, he missed the Saturday night experience. (Maybe, he was the sensible one and saw the writing on the wall after Tommo and Paul, the irrepressible Geordies and self nominated, alternative, non skiing team joint leaders; were the first to arrive from Newcastle).

John, the party leader and erstwhile 40th birthday boy having lost his skiing partner (Nick the Scouse) to ‘Slumberland’ had the privilege of skiing the morning with Alex, our  7.5 year old son. Yes, just the two of them, definitely a first! Otherwise known as the ‘Tsar of Wales’ (for obvious reasons if you’ve read our website).  He had an interesting morning following the ‘Tsar’ down the very bumpy, off-piste; a perfect way to clear his head and brush off a few cobwebs.

Views from the chalet across the valley

Just in case any of you out there were wondering where the chalet is located given the boys’ Saturday evening escapade. Yes, it is out of the centre of Morzine but the views are stunning. Colin made a play to take the photographic FIRST prize with this shot to go with his most improved skier accolade. He really captures the sense of space which you get at the chalet.

Entertaining weekend boys. See you next time.

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