‘Girls on the Run’

March 17, 2010

Lorraine came for a second visit of the winter to Chalet Margaritka. This one was a touch more eventful than the first, which made sense because this time she brought the GALS.

Having got their ski legs on the first day we ventured into Switzerland on day 2, descending down the wonderful ‘Grand Paradis’ run to Champery. Of course, on the way down we had to stop off at the traditional Swiss Buvette for one of their spectacular hot chocolates. We went inside because it was too cold. However, before we exited the cloud had lifted producing this magnificent shot of the ‘Dents du Midi’ (Mid Teeth). It is always worth making this descent for the spectacular views of these mountains (Not forgetting the delicious hot chocolate!!).

Having had a few, relaxing drinks in the chalet the previous evening. Spirits were high as we set out on a tour of the ‘Portes Du Soleil’ circuit on day 3. Alas, as we descended into Switzerland from the ‘Pointe De Mossette’ the cloud cover began to become more intense. Seema, distracted by the majestic beauty of the ski host failed to make the important final turn high above ‘Les Crosets’ and ended up in the security netting. Given some firm instructions (DON’T MOVE) and a helping hand by said host, she was soon on her feet again and luckily did not notice the sheer drop which lay the other side of the fencing. Well, not until we got around the other side having descended a bit further. She took it well – all smiles and calm, philosophical reflection.

Having taken the chair before Champoussin upto ‘Pointe de L’Au’ we were high above Morgins. Alas, by now the weather had deteriorated with little visibility and, worse, a vicious wind blowing in our faces. We were to descend the new ‘Didier Defago’ piste named after the new Olympic Downhill Champion who hails from the village. One could feel the girl’s apprehension (Which way now Glyn?) as the conditions on the mountain changed dramatically. Luckily, I don’t think anyone had noticed that the colour of the poles on the side of the piste seemed to be a touch darker than brown in shade ie. black. (Typical, I thought the piste map had definitely said red). Tentatively, down we went feeling the snow and the bumps with our knees. Then over she went. I looked up to see Lorr hurtling towards me spread eagle, face first in the snow. God knows how she managed to get herself into such a position (definitely not in the Kama Sutra) but there was one thing for certain. There was no way she was going to get her edges in to stop her descent on what was a fairly steep, windswept slope. I had a split second to make a decision.

So I moved into her path and just before contact; jumped on her!! We both continued to slide until I managed to get my edges in bringing the ‘express train’ slowly to a halt. I looked up to see the other members of the entourage looking in disbelief, with their mouths gawking with shock at what they had just witnessed. But it did save the day – What a hero!! Didier Defago would have been proud.

A well-earned and shall we say fairly, leisurely lunch was enjoyed at the atmospheric ‘Cafe Des Sports’ when we reached Morgins. A few laughs were also enjoyed by all over the morning’s eventful experiences.



  1. Strange Glyn how you didn’t mention forgetting your skis on the day we did the Portes du Soleil cicuit……….

    • Alison,

      How could you possibly remember that!! I don’t seem to remember it at all.

      Hope you’re well.



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