New friends can easily be made……….

April 21, 2010

Beverley, Mark, Alex and Michael arrived for Easter. Initial observations on the first morning were there was too much of a difference in their skiing abilities for them to ski together.

How wrong can one be. Beverley and Marks’ attitudes were fantastic they were more than happy for us to all ski together during the first morning. In the afternoon I tried to vary things a bit more sending Alex and Michael down the Pistes while I played around with Beverley and Mark in Chavanettes, below the Col du Fornet high above Avoriaz. Under ‘Le Choucas’ chair or to the side of ‘Le Fornet Express’, Bev and Mark were loving it. Mark was one of the more laid back skiers I’ve had the privilege of skiing with all season; nothing really phased him whilst Bev was as plucky as they come. 

The above picture was taken after Bev tried to make a jump in the off piste but didn’t quite make it. Mark captures perfectly the space, the tranquility and the landscape. Look closely and Bev could actually be on the moon or is it her bed – ahhhh she looks so peaceful! Pull the duvet over love!

 The next day the destination was Switzerland. A member of the famous South London, Montaut clan joined us as well as the Tsar……… Grand Paradis was still open – EXCELLENT. The picture was taken just after we enjoyed wonderful ‘Chocolate Chauds’ at the traditional Swiss Buvette, half way down to Champery.  

Beautiful scenery, great skiing and people who became good friends. We wont dwell on how they got home from central Morzine on the Saturday night.

Hope to see you all next year where we can re-live all the stories.


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