”We can’t ski the off-Piste!!” I begged to differ.

April 13, 2010

Paula and the girls arrived at Chalet Margaritka in March as competent but, maybe a touch hesitant, skiers. Most of them had skied for many years and consequently had very good techniques. They just lacked a little encouragment and the right motivation to venture away from those ‘safe’ pistes.

The weekend they were with us the weather was perfect, cold but not too cold, deep blue azure skies and snow which was holding it’s condition especially in the off-piste (where less people had ventured).

After getting their ski legs on day 1; day 2 began easily with some good piste skiing all around Lindarets and down to Prodains in the Ardoisieres Valley on the other side of Super Morzine. After lunch we ventured up into Chavanettes above Avoriaz and skied some of the off-piste to the side of and under the ‘Fornet Express’. Paula and the girls were lapping it up!! Never have I seen a group with more enjoyment and thrill for more on their faces. Hence, the ‘piece de resistence’ was to descend down the ridge from the top of ‘The Express des Intrets’ where the views of Morzine over 1km below are breathtaking , rejoining the piste towards the bottom of Arare. Save for one or two interesting moments when we had to traverse across some icy bumps, come ruts as we rejoined the piste; everyone was ok and enjoying themselves immensely.

Having got the appetite the next day the girls were ready for more!! So we ventured into Switzerland and descended one of my favourite runs to Morgins where the above picture was taken. Isn’t it a great shot capturing the magic of skiing in the Back Country. Yes, we were the only people there. The girls had just skied that fairly steep slope behind and they were all extremely thrilled. Alex ‘The Tsar of Wales’ came with us, of course, since it was Saturday which means he has a desire or need to show off.

Lunch was sitting outside in the sun at one of the PDS’s best kept secrets. The ‘Cafe des Sports’ located in the picture postcard village of Morgins and tucked away so only the locals really know how good it is. Everyone lunched well after an exhilarating morning. Exchanging their stories, experiences and enjoying the thrill of entering into the ‘Back Country’ even if it was all within striking distance of a piste or two. Paula and Louise had a great time discussing how they just missed each other as we skied down a slope the other side of Morgins. Oh! Didn’t I mention that.

No worries the girls have booked to come back next year.


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