Another season begins at Chalet Margaritka!! » Overlooking the ‘Dents du Midi’ in Switzerland

All very competent skiers – Day 2 the whole family ventured into Switzerland

Sally (on left, in green) looking relaxed having descended to Les Crozets (1650 metres) from the top of Mossettes (2200 metres) via a Black Run. ”Did I tell her it was a Black?” Of course, I didn’t! She ski’d the descent no problem and a couple of days later was even enjoying coming down the ‘Coupe De Monde’ on beautiful snow, the women’s downhill run in Avoriaz. Who’s the little fella? That’s the ‘Tsar of Wales’ (chalet owners’ son) getting into the action – standing next to his father (also in black). Yes, he also ski’s Black runs – no problem!!


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