It’s a long time since we’d been to the Costa Brava

August 19, 2012

Having ventured to Bulgaria for the last two years for our Summer hols. This year we decided to go with some friends (Charlie, Rosie and Izzy) to a lovely villa on the Costa Brava for our annual adventure off the beaten track. It was a long time since I’d been there – almost 30 years and Rita/ Alex (Tsar of Wales) had never been! 

Having flown back from Moscow to check out the chalet for a couple of days. We then drove (less than 8 hours) to Empuriabrava just over the Spanish Pyrenees border, a beautiful village on a coastal plain which essentially is one of Europe’s largest Marinas. Located between arguably the more famous resorts of Roses and Escala it has 34 sq kms of canals which means most of the properties have their own moorings.

We had a great time chilling, visiting some of the other resorts and Catalunian towns and generally letting life pass by slowly. Here are some pictures of the fun we had………………………


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