Snow comes early to Morzine

December 1, 2012

Temperatures plummeted across Europe this week which meant the snow arrived early. Please take a look at some pictures taken from the chalet earlier this week. It all looks fantastic. Should bode well for the forthcoming season.

The first serious snow of the Winter also hit Moscow with a vengeance this week. The city experiencing its biggest November snowstorm in 50 years with the average monthly, November snow falling in only 2 days. Just prior to this, I managed to catch the Spartak v Barca Champions League game at the Luzhniki stadium (last week). Barca are simply a marvelous team – two chances and the game was all over. A bit hard on Spartak who played quite well, had their own chances but never took any. That’s football at the top level these days I guess! It was very frustrating for the 80,000 Spartak fans who had turned up for the game.


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