Pre Xmas and New Year at Chalet Margaritka

January 3, 2015

Before Xmas we were joined by Costin Mihaila (a former colleague) and Eunice his partner. Hadn’t seen Costin for a while so it was great to do some skiing with him. We had a good time despite a lack of snow – hope you don’t hold it against us Costin?

And, for New Year the Stubbins family arrived who’ve become firm favourites with us and (we hope with them!!) plus their friends the Hawkins family and Alison Stonham and Kev Driver (also, firm favourites at the chalet!!). The guys were extremely lucky because just before they arrived the heaven’s opened and more than 30 cms of snow fell in the village alone. This meant skiing conditions became just great overnight.

The pictures tell the story – everyone enjoyed themselves!!



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