Great late season snow for Easter!

April 9, 2015

Some old friends returned for Easter. We had a great time with Chef, Felicity and the Foxes! And, young Wills Fox made his first appearnce in the chalet, as well. Sailesh and his son Nick (after they got over the shock of how sociable we all were) fitted in brilliantly, too!!

Alas, the day we wanted to get to Morgins the weather closed in high up so we never made it to the magic ‘Cafe des Sports’. It was just a question of a village too far!! We did have some fun on the Tee – Bars though. And, the day before we did manage to find a run the guys hadn’t ski’d before – ‘Grand Paradis’ to Champery. So I was quite proud. Don’t think Nick and Sailesh will ever forget the bottom, road bit!! Believe Sailesh really enjoyed the vinyl in the evenings though and Felicity helped him and I (of course) polish off Chef’s Jura whiskey as we listened, whiled away the late evening and reminisced.


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