Ryan’s Express

April 11, 2010

David, his son Ryan and Ryan’s uncle (Stewart) came to Chalet Margaritka in March. They enjoyed a mid week ski break in the company of Hannah and Chris.

Ryan loved speed, had a great sense of balance, no fear and a low centre of gravity.  His solution to the more challenging, steeper reds; just go straight down. David, his dad used to watch with incredulity, and with only one eye open. As did we all, in reality.

Stewart - I finally managed to get the picture off my Blackberry!!

The Tsar and Stewart; into the back country, high above the Nyon bowl

Stewart and boarder, Chris followed Glyn into the off-piste on many occasions.David told me that Stewart loved to try different things and would be prepared to venture even further into the Off-Piste. So we went to try one of Glyn’s favourite off-piste runs off the Pointe de Nyon high above the Nyon bowl. After a bit of a tricky entry, Stewart loved it. The entry means not many people know the run and as you can see it was just us, the trees, the snow and the sunshine. No-one else was in there – total freedom and perfect tranquility!

‘Look there’s a little fella with them’ was the cry from an English family who were on-looking behind the Hotel Chamois as we rejoined the piste. Yes, It was Alex (Tsar of Wales) since there is no school for him on a Wednesday.

Stewart, I know you’d love it if I actually finally uploaded the picture!!

Hannah’s favourite run became Chamossiere despite her initial reservation about doing blacks. Matching Glyn turn for turn at one point on absolutely wonderful snow.

Glyn spent a bit of time encouraging Ryan to take a more conventional approach on the Red runs. But then he discovered the board park at Nyon and the jumps with Alex, as we enjoyed a relaxing coffee in the sunshine as they practised.

Practice those turns for next time Ryan!!


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