A beautiful trip along the Moskva River and other great sites for Summer

July 10, 2011

What a perfect way to while away a balmy, lazy Sunday afternoon. These pictures were taken as we enjoyed a fantastic, leisurely lunch on one of Moscow’s best, all glass viewing river boats. It is run by the new Radisson Ukraine hotel and you can take it from the river port, close to the hotel and Kievskaya railway station.


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  1. Hi Glyn! Have you ever heard of a Russian not-so-long-ago start-up, and now a big and evolving business of selling ski simulators? These are machines that make you feel totally like you’re riding a hill while you are in a gym. Well — it was started several years ago by two engineers, named Skytec Interactive and is now mostly managed by two friends of mine who are doing great job. They’ve installed simulators in dozens of fitness centers, opened their own clubs in Moscow and around Russia, and at the moment one opening is taking place in LA.
    I personally think since you’re so keen in skiing you should absolutely go and try — they do improve skiing skills.

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